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Real Estate and Hospitality

We have a highly skilled team ready dedicated to serving the needs of entrepreneurs in the real estate and tourism sector, ensuring their objectives are met.Our comprehensive and personalized services cover varuous aspects of real estate and tourism projects, including structuring, financing, tax advice, permits, and handling contractual disputes.

Our legal due diligence process involves meticulously verifying the legal status of properties, assessing tax and regulatory compliance, examining liens, legal claims, registry history, real rights, and securing necessary permits for the project. Additionally, we guide clients though the transactional aspects of asset purchases, identifying risks and recommending effective mitigation strategies.

We perform a legal due diligence that includes the verification of the legal status of the properties, tax and regulatory status, liens, claims, registry history, real rights and permits required for the project, among others. We also assist the client in the transactional component of the purchase of the asset, identifying risks and recommending strategies to mitigate them.

Withextensive experience in special regimes for real estate investment companies, we’ve advised clients on incorporation and fiscal matters.

We also assist both national and international companies in structuring leasing operations necessary to achieve their business goals.

Our client portfolio includes leading national and international companies across key productive sectors, such as:

  • International hotel chains
  • Retailers
  • Investment banks
  • Construction companies and developers
  • Investment funds
  • Real estate investors
  • Public and private enterprises

Among our notable transactions, we have provided advisory services to international food franchises duringlands assessments for their nationwide commercial operations. Additionally, we’ve facilitated the setup of international hotel chains in Panama and supported investment funds in acquiring agroforestry properties for commercial purposes.



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