On June 23, 2015 more than 150 entrepreneurs, in-house counsel, academics, general managers, attorneys and business people in general were gathered to discuss the impact of social media in labor relationships at the seminar workshop co-sponsored by AFRA and La Prensa. AFRA’s partners Enna Ferrer de Carles, Juan Gabriel Gonzalez and Francisco Iglesias joined AFRA’s senior litigation associate Narciso Arellano and other invited speakers to discuss hot topics such as employee’s liabilities for the personal use of social media in a labor environment. Social media as evidence in the context of a labor litigation was also weight. The event was a success and served as a platform to expose ideas, trends and regulations that affect this modern and popular tool.

AFRA’s partners Francisco Iglesias, Juan Gabriel Gonzalez, Enna Ferrer de Carles and litigation senior associate Narciso Arellano led the discussions together with other high profile invited speakers.

Welcoming remarks are given by AFRA’s partner Juan Gabriel Gonzalez.

AFRA’s partner Juan Gabriel Gonzalez shares with the public.

AFRA’s partners Juan Gabriel Gonzalez and Francisco Iglesias answer questions from the public.