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Corporate Law

The corporate law covers all matters relating to company formation and preparation of corporate structures.

AFRA's lawyers have extensive corporate legal experience with an emphasis in commercial law, allowing them to advise domestic and foreign companies at all stages of business. AFRA’s Corporate Services include the formation and organization of companies, preparation of shareholder agreements, preparation of mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, and issues related to the day to day of operations and negotiation, and the selection and creation of complex corporate structures appropriate to maximize the legal benefits available under the Panamanian Corporations Law.

Panama’s Corporations Law

Panama’s Corporations Law, adopted in 1927, specifies the requirements for businesses that operate in Panama. It governs both national and international businesses.

Since the corporate structure of a company may have important implications for the business owner, selecting a law firm with extensive experience and knowledge of the Corporations Law becomes even more relevant. AFRA has built a reputation in the market as a reliable and expert counsel, helping clients determine the best corporate structure aligned with their goals while offering maximum protection for their owners.

One-Stop Shop for Corporate Clients

AFRA is one of the only firms in Panama that offers full service to business clients. We have built our reputation on providing comprehensive representation to our clients, helping them with complex contracts, negotiations and litigation support. We deliver customized and consistent legal representation that our clients rely on. Our clients trust AFRA to address complex, sensitive legal matters and handle these matters efficiently and professionally.

Send your questions on Corporate Law to partners Luis R. López Alfaro and/or Rodrigo A. Moreno Jr.