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Commercial Law

Panama: An International Trade Center

Due to its prime location, its dollarized economy, sustained growth of gross domestic product in the last decade, the existence of the Free Zone, recognized as the area's largest free trade in the Western Hemisphere, and the bilateral treaties signed by the Panamanian government, Panama has turned into one of the leading centers of global trade. Panama has dynamic commercial laws that are constantly evolving to meet the business needs of the country.

AFRA has a team of lawyers with extensive knowledge and recognized experience in the field of economics and finance. They can offer their clients personalized and comprehensive legal services, especially in the most important sectors of the Panamanian economy: commerce, banking and insurance. The Panama Canal expansion, which will allow the transit of larger vessels from 2015, will further contribute to the growth of these sectors.

AFRA: A Commercial Law Firm

Commercial law is one of the main practices of AFRA. Our clients include entrepreneurs, business owners and risk management. We regularly serve:

  • Retail Businesses
  • Wholesale Businesses
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Banks
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hotels
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Transit Companies
  • Energy Companies

The attorneys at AFRA are experienced in matters related to commercial law, including real estate sales contracts, securities, licenses, distribution agreements, franchises commercial mandates and trusts.

One-Stop Shop for Commercial Clients

With over 50 years of service, AFRA holds the distinction of being one of the most experienced firms in Panama. Our lawyers offer legal advice about any legal issue related to doing business in Panama.

Our comprehensive legal service to the clients means that foreign clients interested in doing business in Panama, can get legal assistance for all their business needs by contacting AFRA, avoiding the need to hire several law firms that specialize in different areas of practice.

Our attorneys are well trained to assist in the drafting, review and preparation of all types of contracts, agreements, distribution relationships, representation, leases, manufacturing, trade and franchises.

Our clients appreciate the convenience of relying on a single law firm that can answer everything you need to start commercial operations in Panama.

Send your questions on Commercial Law to partners Alfredo Ramirez Jr. and/or Rodrigo A. Moreno Jr.