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AFRA in the Community

AFRA believes in a socially responsible community and promotes all of its attorneys and staff to be present and to actively participate in projects that entail corporate social responsibility.

AFRA enthusiastically supports the Ciudad del Niño(“Child’s City”), a non for profit organization serving needed and marginalized children which are found living in extreme poverty conditions or without families or relatives that can ensure them a safe, comfortable and socially healthy environment.

AFRA is not only a sponsor to the Child’s City, but it also carries out activities with all of its staff members to visit the children living there, and also inviting them to spend time out to stimulate and guide them, and help them in creating and developing values related to working, discipline and living a healthy live.

AFRA also supports the Hogar Bolívar, a non for profit organization dedicated to providing assisted living facilities and services to the elderly. AFRA not only provides them with pro bono legal services, but its attorneys and staff organize cultural activities for the elderly living there, offering entertainment, distraction or simply talking to them.

AFRA also provides legal service and personalized assistance to the Fundación para la Educación en la Televisión and WorldVision International.

Our partners and associates are also member of several non for profits organizations with an important presence in Panama, such as:

  • Annette Bárcenas has been a board member of the Kiwanis Club Las Perlas, the first women’s only Kiwanis chapter created in Panama. Kiwanis Las Perlas is particularly focused on serving children in Panama.
  • Rodrigo A. Moreno Jr. has being a member for several years of the board of the National Archdiocese Campaign, a national campaign carried out and organized by the Catholic Church in Panama to collect funds for Church-related activities in the community.
  • Enna Ferrer de Carles was a founding member of the Ronald McDonald Foundation in Panama, a non for profit organization affiliated to McDonald’s Corporation providing care to low income families and children.
  • Marissa Lasso de la Vega F., is a volunteer of the National Archdiocese Campaign and routinely participates in collecting funds and sponsorship activities for Radio Hogar, a local radio stations dedicated to the promotion of the Catholic Faith.
  • Luis R. López Alfaro belongs to several non for profit groups and organizations caring for the protection of the environment, particularly marine protection.
  • Roberto Harrington is a founding member of the Club Deportivo Centenario, a non for profit organization dedicated to promoting sports to children living in marginalized areas.
  • Katherine Aparicio is a founding member of Caminando Panama (Walking for Panama), a non for profit organization that seeks to promote the appreciation and caring of natural and cultural heritage in Panama, connecting urban and rural needs with the benefits of adequate protection of natural trails in Panama.

AFRA’s participation in the SUMARSE Initiative (a local division of World Business Council for Sustainable Development – WBCSD) highlights our commitment with the community and our surroundings.

AFRA’s partners are also present in the community by holding important seats in different organizations. For instance, Rodrigo Moreno is a former President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Juan Gabriel Gonzalez has been a board member of the Asociación Panameña de Ejecutivos de Empresas APEDE (Panamanian Association of Business Executives), Marissa Lasso de la Vega F. has acted as advisor to the Board Members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries and has been a board member of the American Chamber of Commerce. We truly believe that these experiences enable us to have a direct contact with the community. They serve as a manner to actively help in political, economic and social affairs, allowing us to directly participate in finding solutions to our country’s challenges.

AFRA’s commitment with the education, ethics and integrity are fundamental in positioning us as one of the law firms with the best reputation in Panama.